Dangerous Places

JonBenet Ramsey was a famous six-year-old child actress who was found wrapped in a blanket with her feet taped together, her head uncovered and her arms above her head in the house basement. Her skull was fractured, there were signs of sexual molestation and she’d been strangled with a cord.

Giulio Regeni was a 28-year-old Cambridge scholar doing research in Egypt. On 3 February 2016, his mutilated and half-naked corpse was found in a ditch alongside the Cairo-Alexandria highway. His body showed signs of extreme torture: contusions and abrasions all over from a severe beating; extensive bruising from kicks, punches, and assault with a stick; more than two dozen bone fractures, among them seven broken ribs, all fingers and toes, as well as legs, arms, and shoulder blades; multiple stab wounds on the body including the soles of the feet, possibly from an ice pick or awl-like instrument; numerous cuts over the entire body made with a sharp instrument suspected to be a razor; extensive cigarette burns; a larger burn mark between the shoulder blades made with a hard and hot object; a brain hemorrhage; and a broken cervical vertebra, which ultimately caused death. Due to Regeni’s research activities and left-wing political leanings, the Egyptian police were strongly suspected of involvement in his murder.

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