The point is Pluto – 135°. It gives you the leading trine (120°) of Pluto – 15° (lagging orb). This point tells you what is the most powerful influence and the people of that sign are the luckiest during that time. Whenever it leaves a sign the luckiest time of that sign and the element it belongs to ends. As I write we’re months away from the end of Leo as Pluto approaches 15° Cap.

Aries 967-80 Holy Roman Empire, France Famine, England Quake, 1213-26 Magna Carta, Llywelyn the Great, First Barons’ War, Dominican Order, Fifth Crusade, Golden Bull of 1222, Battle of the Kalka River 1458-72 Wars of the Roses, Battle of Mortimer Cross, First German Bible, Leonardo Da Vinci 1705-19 Rise of British Empire, Hōei Earthquake, War of the Spanish Succession, Steam Engine Invented 1949-64 Rise of USA, Korean War, Vietnam War, Great Chinese Famine, USSR’s Sputnik, Communist China, HIV/AIDS, JFK Assassination
Taurus 981-92 Greenland Colonized, Al-Hakim Mosque, 1227-38 Sixth Crusade, Treaty of Paris (1229), University of Toulouse, Mongols Conquer Russia 1473-84 Patent System, Spanish Inquisition, Cricket Sport, Sistine Chapel 1720-32 South Sea Bubble, Table of Ranks, Bach, Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, Tabriz Quake 1965-78 Malcolm X Assasination, Disco, Moon Landing, MLK Assassination, Watergate Scandal, 1973 Oil Crisis, Microsoft, Apple, 1976 Tangshan Quake
Gemini 993-1004 Tyre Rebellion, Christianity in Iceland, Vinland, North Africa Plague & Famine 1239-50 Mongols Retreat, Seventh Crusade, Livonian Crusade, Black Powder, Aztec Empire 1485-97 Christopher Columbus Discovers America, The Last Supper Painting, Vitruvian Man, Da Vinci Designs, Witch Hunters’ Manual, Pentateuch, Cornish Rebellion 1733-43 Systema Naturae, Bengal Cyclone, Koh-i-Noor Stolen, Batavia Massacre, Handel, Don Quixote in English 1979-89 Iranian Revolution of 1979, War in Afghanistan, 1st Space Shuttle, Walkman, IBM, MTV, Iran-Iraq War, Family Sitcoms, Chernobyl, Berlin Wall Collapse, Tiananmen Square Massacre
Cancer 1005-17 Mount Merapi Eruption, Mt. Vesuvius Erupts, Shanghai Founded, Ibn al-Haytham’s Book of Optics,Abulcasis’s Al-Tasrif, Law of Sines, Bell Foundry, Law of Sines, Vikings Attack England, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Al-Hakim Mosque 1251-63, Renaissance, Mongols invade Europe, Turkey & Baghdad, Order of St. Augustine, Purgatory, Kublai Khan, Byzantine Empire Reestablished, Cathedral of Chartres 1498-1509 Renaissance, Vasco da Gama Reaches India, Mona Lisa Painting, Amerigo Vespucci, Michelangelo’s Sculpture of David, African Slavery 1744-55 Dagohoy Rebellion, Jacobite Rising, Euler, Philosophia Botanica, Gregorian Calendar, Species Pantarum, English Dictionary 1990-2001 Gulf War, Hubble Space Telescope, USSR Collapse, Dolly the Sheep, Smartphone, Google, Apartheid Ends, Internet, 9/11, War on Terror
Leo 1018-33 Chola Invade Lanka, Kandariya Mahadeva Hindu Temple, Chola Invade Bengal, Paper Printed Money, Chola Attack Sumatra, Japan Civil War, Avicenna’s The Book of Healing 1264-77 Battle of Lewes, 2nd Barons’ War, 1st Parliament, Sambyeolcho Rebellion, Samudera Pasai, Golden Legend, Opus Majus, Summa Theologica, Beer with Hops, Anasazi Drought, Baibars Invasion, Chinese Flee to Macau 1510-23 Martin Luther Founds Protestantism, Calvinism, Utopia by Sir Thomas More, Spanish Conquest of Aztec Empire, Sack of Rome,German Peasants’ War, Magellan Circumnavigates the Globe 1756-69 Britain Rules India, Industrial Revolution, Seven Years’ War, Great Stockholm Fire, Great Holocaust of 1762, Kant, Voltaire, Mozart, Encyclopedia Britannica, KJV Bible 2002-15 SARS, Terrorism, 2004 Sumatra Quake, Flu Pandemic, Facebook, Recession, USA in Middle East, Arab Spring, 2010 Haiti Quake
Virgo 1034-61 Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Woodblock Printing, Movable Type Printing in China, 1278-96 Battle of Marchfeld, English Census, Watermarks, Grand Canal of China, House of Habsburg, Sicilian Vespers Rebellion, Ninth Crusade Fails, Marco Polo Voyage, Mongols Invade Java, Model English Parliament 1524-42 Münster Rebellion, Church of England, Jesuits, Portuguese Inquisition, China Famine, Europe Drought, Mercator Globe 1770-87 Czech Famine, Bengal Famine, Russian Plague, American Revolution, The Wealth of Nations, Critique of Pure Reason, Lavoisier 2016-32
Libra 1052-75 SN 1054 Supernova, Battle of Hastings, Granada Massacre, William the Conqueror 1297-1320 Ottoman Empire, China Census, Alauddin Khilji, Avoirdupois System, Lincoln Cathedral, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Aztecs, Great Famine of 1315-17, Pound Sterling Inflation 1316 1543-66 Jesuits, Copernicus, Shaanxi Earthquake, Caribbean Piracy, First War of Religion, 1556 Shaanxi Quake 1788-1809 French Revolution, Rights of Man, Act Against Slavery, Pride and Prejudice, Louisiana Purchase, Napoleon Emperor 2033-54
Scorpio 1076-1105 Bayeux Tapestry, First Crusades, Charter of Liberties, Checkers, Great Flood of Goa, Hekla Eruption 1321-49 Vijayanagara Empire, Hundred Years’ War, Black Death 1567-93 Second War of Religion, Third War of Religion, Eighty Years’ War, Massacre of Novogrod, Fire of Moscow, 1810-37 War of 1812, First Cholera Epidemic, Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo, Panic of 1837, Mormonism 2055-82
Sagittarius 1106-36 Knights Templar, Modern Book Stitching, Compass, Papal Schism 1350-81 Ming Dynasty, Battle of Bubat, Ibn Battuta, Timur-e-Lang, Hanseatic League, Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, Mongol Conquests End 1594-1625 Hamlet, Galileo Sees Moons of Jupiter, Dutch Discover Australia, Thirty Years’ War, Anglo-Spanish War 1838-67 Communist Manifesto, California Gold Rush, Origin of Species, Cholera Pandemic, Pasteurization, Seventh Day Adventist, US Civil War, Lincoln Assassinated 2083-2115
Capricorn 1137-67 1138 Aleppo Earthquake, Celibacy, Commune of Rome, First Gothic Church, Second Crusade, British Pound Sterling 1382-1411 Papal Schism, Lollardy Movement, Forbidden City Construction 1626-56 Italian Plague, Deccan Famine, Royal Mail England, Finnish Postal Service, First English Civil War, Principia Philosophiae, Taj Mahal 1868-98 14th Amendment, Suez Canal, Periodic Table, Telephone, Gold Standard, Light Bulb, Madras Famine, 1887 Yellow River Flood 2116-45
Aquarius 1168-91 Commune of Rome, 1169 Sicily Earthquake, Norman Invasion of Ireland, Horse Racing, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Third Crusade 1412-37 Forbidden City Completed, Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake, Inca Empire 1657-82 Great Fire of London,Great Plague of London, Paradise Lost, Shamakhi Earthquake, Newton’s Reflecting Telescope, Mount Etna Eruption 1899-1927 Progressive Era, Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, 1929 Stock Market Crash, Spanish-American War, Franz Ferdinand Assassinated, Bolshevik Revolution, WW1, Airplane, Russian Revolution, Einstein’s Relativity, Prohibition 2146-74
Pisces 1192-1212 Aztec Civilization, Fourth Crusade, Genghis Khan, Mongols Conquer China, Mongol Empire, Holy Rosary, Livonian Crusade, London Bridge, Franciscan Order, London Fire, Children’s Crusade fro the Holy Land 1438-57 Gutenberg Press, Thirteen Years’ War, Gutenberg Bible, Eton College, Machu Picchu, Battle of Castillon, Fall of Constantinople 1683-1704 Newton’s Laws, St. Peter’s Flood, Nine Years’ War, King William’s War, Great Turkish War, Europe Famine 1928-48 Penicillin, WW2, Holocaust, China Floods, Great Depression, Atom Bomb Dropped, Jehovah/s Witnesses, Transistor, India, Israel, Apartheid 2175-96

It’s a work in progress but the pattern is clear. We destroy in Pisces then build all over again in Aries and repeat the same things again and again.

Update 1/Feb/2015 : I think there is a superphase cycle overlaying the phases.

Update 4/Feb/2015 : I think we’re in the Sagittarius superphase.

Update 12/Jun/2018 : I think we’re in the Aquarius superphase.

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