Depending on how many and which planets you have in each element your life changes.

Birth Date
Exact Birth Time

UTC time offset:

Tip: Make sure the UTC time offset is correct. If it's wrong, you can change it.


From the above information check what planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) you have in each element:

Fire (Aries ♈, Leo ♌, Sagittarius ♐ )
Earth (Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑ )
Air (Gemini ♊, Libra ♎, Aquarius ♒ )
Water (Cancer ♋, Scorpio ♏, Pisces ♓ )

Place the planets in each of the time periods mentioned below.

1949-64: Fire (Aries ♈, Leo ♌, Sagittarius ♐ )
1965-78: Earth (Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑ )
1979-89: Air (Gemini ♊, Libra ♎, Aquarius ♒ )
1990-2001: Water (Cancer ♋, Scorpio ♏, Pisces ♓ )
2002-15: Fire (Aries ♈, Leo ♌, Sagittarius ♐ )
2016-32: Earth (Taurus ♉, Virgo ♍, Capricorn ♑ )
2033-54: Air (Gemini ♊, Libra ♎, Aquarius ♒ )
2055-82: Water (Cancer ♋, Scorpio ♏, Pisces ♓ )

The Pluto Phases
The Pluto Phases

Finally, look up the meanings of the planets here.

Pointers to note:

  • The planets in each phase are the ones you express during that phase.
  • No planets usually indicates an extremely difficult phase.
  • The difficulty is lessened if there are planets in the preceding and/or succeeding phases.
  • Having three or more planets in a phase is a sign of great success. Greater the number, greater the success.
  • Having only one planet during a phase makes you explore the planet’s strengths and weaknesses to the fullest.
  • Halfway through a phase you will start building on the planets for the next phase but their qualities will be hidden till you reach that phase.
  • A phase having many planets followed by a phase with almost no planets usually indicates calamitous transition.
  • Consecutive phases with one or no planets at all indicate that life will progressively become very difficult.

For more on how the phases were marked, read A Theory of Everything.

Try the free luck timeline.

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