Find How Pluto Phases Affect You

Depending on how many and which planets you have in each element your life changes.

First, get your free natal chart:

Second, check what planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) you have in each element:

Fire (Aries ♈️, Leo ♌️, Sagittarius ♐️ )
Earth (Taurus ♉️, Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑ )
Air (Gemini ♊️, Libra ♎️, Aquarius ♒ )
Water (Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️ )

Next, place the planets in each of the time periods mentioned below.

1949-64: Fire (Aries ♈️, Leo ♌️, Sagittarius ♐️ )
1965-78: Earth (Taurus ♉️, Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑ )
1979-89: Air (Gemini ♊️, Libra ♎️, Aquarius ♒ )
1990-2001: Water (Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️ )
2002-15: Fire (Aries ♈️, Leo ♌️, Sagittarius ♐️ )
2016-32: Earth (Taurus ♉️, Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑ )
2033-54: Air (Gemini ♊️, Libra ♎️, Aquarius ♒ )
2055-82: Water (Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️ )

The Pluto Phases
The Pluto Phases

Finally, look up the meanings of the planets here.

Pointers to note:

  • The planets in each phase are the ones you express during that phase.
  • No planets usually indicates an extremely difficult phase.
  • The difficulty is lessened if there are planets in the preceding and/or succeeding phases.
  • Having three or more planets in a phase is a sign of great success. Greater the number, greater the success.
  • Having only one planet during a phase makes you explore the planet’s strengths and weaknesses to the fullest.
  • Halfway through a phase you will start building on the planets for the next phase but their qualities will be hidden till you reach that phase.
  • A phase having many planets followed by a phase with almost no planets usually indicates calamitous transition.
  • Consecutive phases with one or no planets at all indicate that life will progressively become very difficult.

For more on how the phases were marked, read A Theory of Everything.

You can also buy your pluto luck timeline.

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