10BC ZodiacJust found out that 33 AD to 50 AD was a leo phase. Since Jesus’ crucifixion was 33 or 34 AD and Jesus’ natal chart shows no planets in fire signs, it’s pretty clear what happened. Jesus couldn’t survive the leo phase without fire sign planets.

1950-2050 - Lucky - Luckier - Luckiest
Lucky – Luckier – Luckiest


So, basically you need planets in the element of the sign of the pluto phase. If you’ve only got one planet in that element, you’ll squeeze everything you can out of it. Like Zuckerberg of Facebook did with his lonely Uranus in Sagittarius.

On the other hand if you’ve got too many planets, say seven or so in that element, you’re going to be extremely successful and get pretty much anything you wish for.

To sum up, how much luck you will have 2016-33 depends on how many earth sign planets you have. You could add one planet (or point) by moving to a place where your relocation chart has an earth sign ascendant. Or you may be forced to relocate to make that happen.

Find out how you can plan your life according to the pluto phases.


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