Superphases: Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius
Aries -17 Roman Empire 229 Sassanian Empire 474 Romulus Augustulus, First Schism 720 Emperor Leo III, Sanjaya Dynasty 967-80 Holy Roman Empire, France Famine, England Quake, 1213-26 Magna Carta, Llywelyn the Great, First Barons’ War, Dominican Order, Fifth Crusade, Golden Bull of 1222, Battle of the Kalka River 1458-72 Wars of the Roses, Battle of Mortimer Cross, First German Bible, Leonardo Da Vinci 1705-19 Rise of British Empire, Hōei Earthquake, War of the Spanish Succession, Steam Engine Invented 1949-64 Rise of USA, Korean War, Vietnam War, Great Chinese Famine, USSR’s Sputnik, Communist China, HIV/AIDS, JFK Assassination
Taurus -4 Birth of Jesus Christ 242 Philip the Arab
249 Plague of Cyprian
488 Arthur Defeats Saxons 733 Charles Martel, Battle of Avignon 981-92 Greenland Colonized, Al-Hakim Mosque, 1227-38 Sixth Crusade, Treaty of Paris (1229), University of Toulouse, Mongols Conquer Russia 1473-84 Patent System, Spanish Inquisition, Cricket Sport, Sistine Chapel 1720-32 South Sea Bubble, Table of Ranks, Bach, Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, Tabriz Quake 1965-78 Disco, Moon Landing, Watergate Scandal, 1973 Oil Crisis, Microsoft, Apple, 1976 Tangshan Quake
Gemini 8 Emperor Augustus Dies 255 Valerian’s Massacre of Christians 500 Sushruta Samhita 745 Baghdad Caliphate 993-1004 Tyre Rebellion, Christianity in Iceland, Vinland, North Africa Plague & Famine 1239-50 Mongols Retreat, Seventh Crusade, Livonian Crusade, Black Powder, Aztec Empire 1485-97 Christopher Columbus Discovers America, The Last Supper Painting, Vitruvian Man, Da Vinci Designs, Witch Hunters’ Manual, Pentateuch, Cornish Rebellion 1733-43 Systema Naturae, Bengal Cyclone, Koh-i-Noor Stolen, Batavia Massacre, Handel, Don Quixote in English 1979-89 Iranian Revolution of 1979, War in Afghanistan, 1st Space Shuttle, Walkman, IBM, MTV, Iran-Iraq War, Family Sitcoms, Chernobyl, Berlin Wall Collapse, Tiananmen Square Massacre
Cancer 20 Crucifixion of Jesus 267 Jin Dynasty 512 Revolt of Vitalian, Aryabhata 757 Baghdad Completed 1005-17 Mount Merapi Eruption, Mt. Vesuvius Erupts, Shanghai Founded, Ibn al-Haytham’s Book of Optics,Abulcasis’s Al-Tasrif, Law of Sines, Bell Foundry, Law of Sines, Vikings Attack England, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Al-Hakim Mosque 1251-63, Renaissance, Mongols invade Europe, Turkey & Baghdad, Order of St. Augustine, Purgatory, Kublai Khan, Byzantine Empire Reestablished, Cathedral of Chartres 1498-1509 Renaissance, Vasco da Gama Reaches India, Mona Lisa Painting, Amerigo Vespucci, Michelangelo’s Sculpture of David, African Slavery 1744-55 Dagohoy Rebellion, Jacobite Rising, Euler, Philosophia Botanica, Gregorian Calendar, Species Pantarum, English Dictionary 1990-2001 Gulf War, Hubble Space Telescope, USSR Collapse, Dolly the Sheep, Smartphone, Google, Apartheid Ends, Internet, 9/11, War on Terror
Leo 34 Paul the Apostle, Rome Enters Britain, Caligula Reigns 280 Roman Emperor Diocletian 526 Justinian I, the Great, Nika riots, Volcanic Eruption Causes Cold 772 Charlemagne the Great 1018-33 Chola Invade Lanka, Kandariya Mahadeva Hindu Temple, Chola Invade Bengal, Paper Printed Money, Chola Attack Sumatra, Japan Civil War, Avicenna’s The Book of Healing 1264-77 Battle of Lewes, 2nd Barons’ War, 1st Parliament, Sambyeolcho Rebellion, Samudera Pasai, Golden Legend, Opus Majus, Summa Theologica, Beer with Hops, Anasazi Drought, Baibars Invasion, Chinese Flee to Macau 1510-23 Martin Luther Founds Protestantism, Calvinism, Utopia by Sir Thomas More, Spanish Conquest of Aztec Empire, Sack of Rome,German Peasants’ War, Magellan Circumnavigates the Globe 1756-69 Britain Rules India, Industrial Revolution, Seven Years’ War, Great Stockholm Fire, Great Holocaust of 1762, Kant, Voltaire, Mozart, Encyclopedia Britannica, KJV Bible 2002-15 SARS, Terrorism, 2004 Sumatra Quake, Flu Pandemic, Facebook, Recession, USA in Middle East, Arab Spring, 2010 Haiti Quake
Virgo 52 Jerusalem Destroyed, Emperor Nero 297 Constantine the Great 541 The Plague of Justinian 787 Vikings Attack Britain 1034-61 Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Woodblock Printing, Movable Type Printing in China, 1278-96 Battle of Marchfeld, English Census, Watermarks, Grand Canal of China, House of Habsburg, Sicilian Vespers Rebellion, Ninth Crusade Fails, Marco Polo Voyage, Mongols Invade Java, Model English Parliament 1524-42 Münster Rebellion, Church of England, Jesuits, Portuguese Inquisition, China Famine, Europe Drought, Mercator Globe 1770-87 Czech Famine, Bengal Famine, Russian Plague, American Revolution, The Wealth of Nations, Critique of Pure Reason, Lavoisier 2016-32 Airline Crashes, Travel Restrictions, Higher Education Bubble Collapse
Libra 72 Pompeii Destroyed by Vesuvius, Colosseum Built 318 Council of Nicaea 563 Prophet Mohammed, founder of Islam 807 China Reunited 1052-75 SN 1054 Supernova, Battle of Hastings, Granada Massacre, William the Conqueror 1297-1320 Ottoman Empire, China Census, Alauddin Khilji, Avoirdupois System, Lincoln Cathedral, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Aztecs, Great Famine of 1315-17, Pound Sterling Inflation 1316 1543-66 Jesuits, Copernicus, Shaanxi Earthquake, Caribbean Piracy, First War of Religion, 1556 Shaanxi Quake 1788-1809 French Revolution, Rights of Man, Act Against Slavery, Pride and Prejudice, Louisiana Purchase, Napoleon Emperor 2033-54 Revolutions, Communes, Space Innovations
Scorpio 98 Hadrian rules Rome, Pantheon in Rome 343 Huns Invasion 586 Christianity in Britain, Europe Plague Ends, Smallpox Spreads 832 Carolingian Empire 1076-1105 Bayeux Tapestry, First Crusades, Charter of Liberties, Checkers, Great Flood of Goa, Hekla Eruption 1321-49 Vijayanagara Empire, Hundred Years’ War, The Black Death 1567-93 Second War of Religion, Third War of Religion, Eighty Years’ War, Massacre of Novogrod, Fire of Moscow, 1810-37 War of 1812, First Cholera Epidemic, Napoleonic Wars, Waterloo, Panic of 1837, Mormonism 2055-82 Wars, Deep Space Exploratoin
Sagittarius 129 Diaspora 373 Theodosius the Great 616 Tang Dynasty, Prophet Mohammed flees, Muslim Conquests 861 Alfred the Great 1106-36 Knights Templar, Modern Book Stitching, Compass, Papal Schism 1350-81 Ming Dynasty, Battle of Bubat, Ibn Battuta, Timur-e-Lang, Hanseatic League, Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, Mongol Conquests End 1594-1625 Hamlet, Galileo Sees Moons of Jupiter, Dutch Discover Australia, Thirty Years’ War, Anglo-Spanish War 1838-67 Communist Manifesto, California Gold Rush, Origin of Species, Cholera Pandemic, Pasteurization, Seventh Day Adventist, US Civil War 2083-2115 Space Inhabitation, Space Travel
Capricorn 160 Marcus Aurelius, The Antonine Plague 404 Visigoths sack Rome, St. Augustine 648 Greek Fire, Arab Siege of Constantinople 891 Gunpowder in Battle, Vikings in France 1137-67 1138 Aleppo Earthquake, Celibacy, Commune of Rome, First Gothic Church, Second Crusade, British Pound Sterling 1382-1411 Papal Schism, Lollardy Movement, Forbidden City Construction 1626-56 Italian Plague, Deccan Famine, Royal Mail England, Finnish Postal Service, First English Civil War, Principia Philosophiae, Taj Mahal 1868-98 14th Amendment, Suez Canal, Periodic Table, Telephone, Gold Standard, Light Bulb, Madras Famine, 1887 Yellow River Flood 2116-45 Space Travel Accidents, Restrictions
Aquarius 188 Kingdom of Champa 433 Vandals destroy Rome 678 Byzantine–Bulgarian War, China Plague 922 Otto I, Kingdom of England 1168-91 Commune of Rome, 1169 Sicily Earthquake, Norman Invasion of Ireland, Horse Racing, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Third Crusade 1412-37 Forbidden City Completed, Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake, Inca Empire 1657-82 Great Fire of London,Great Plague of London, Paradise Lost, Shamakhi Earthquake, Newton’s Reflecting Telescope, Mount Etna Eruption 1899-1927 Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, 1918 Spanish Flu, 1929 Stock Market Crash, Spanish-American War, Bolshevik Revolution, WW1, Airplane, Russian Revolution, Einstein’s Relativity 2146-74 Terraforming Planets
Pisces 212 Goths Invasion, Christians Persecuted 457 Fall of Rome 701 Arab Empire, Empress Wu Zetian Overthrown, Siege of Constantinople 948-66 Al-Sufi’s Book of Fixed Stars, Song Dynasty 1192-1212 Aztec Civilization, Fourth Crusade, Genghis Khan, Mongols Conquer China, Mongol Empire, Holy Rosary, Livonian Crusade, London Bridge, Franciscan Order, London Fire, Children’s Crusade fro the Holy Land 1438-57 Gutenberg Press, Thirteen Years’ War, Gutenberg Bible, Eton College, Machu Picchu, Battle of Castillon, Fall of Constantinople 1683-1704 Newton’s Laws, St. Peter’s Flood, Nine Years’ War, King William’s War, Great Turkish War, Europe Famine 1928-48 Penicillin, WW2, Holocaust, China Floods, Atom Bomb Dropped, Jehovah/s Witnesses, Transistor, India, Israel, Apartheid 2175-96 Space Wars

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