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Why Donald Won

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s chart we see his Gemini sun at  22° Gemini and 21° Sagittarius moon. Plus the Leo ascendant at the very end 29°.

This being the end of the Leo phase and the moon being the planet of popularity and relationships, Donald is almost certain to win.

Hillary’s moon is in Pisces which doesn’t help. She has three planets in a fire signs and all of them in Leo, which is why it was such a close race. But the Moon is THE planet of mass influence and only the Donald had moon in a fire sign.


Looking forward, neither of them has any planets in an Earth sign. The Donald has midheaven in late taurus while Hillary has it in early Virgo. I would expect the Gemini Donald to not last very long. In fact it is almost a guarantee the spoilt millionaire playboy would find it most boring in the legislative offices. Following which, Hillary could play some part as her early Virgo midheaven signifies.

Virgo Phase (2016-32) News

As I have been predicting for quite a while now the Leo phase ends in 2016 and the Virgo phase begins, which mainly means:

  • gold collapse (gold is the metal of leo)
  • oil collapse (all commodities are in a glut as virgo is an earth sign)
  • supply glut (earth sign means earth products are in plenty and prices fall)
  • commodities crash (necessities of life were over priced in the Leo phase as Leo causes bubbles to form and falls in the Virgo phase)
  • social unrest (virgo squares gemini, sign of protests)
  • cyber thefts (again, virgo squares gemini, the sign of communications)
  • shipping crisis (reduced movement of goods causes shipping losses, as virgo square sagittarius – the sign of shipping)
  • banking collapse (credit was needed to blow up the Leo bubbles)
  • earthquakes (virgo is an earth sign) and flooding (opposite sign, pisces is a water sign)
  • stock market correction as a result of all of the above

Why Hillary Loses

United States
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton

As you can see Hillary has an Ascendant, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, all planets squaring the United States’ moon. Moon is to do with emotions, large groups of people, relationships and popularity in general. Donald Trump has no planets or points in Scorpio.

As a Scorpio it has always been extra hard for Hillary to win an election, as proven multiple times.

Donald Trump is a Gemini, which means his Gemini sun trines the United States’ moon. As such he is able to say just what the American public wants to hear.

World Bubble Collapse

A huge bubble collapse is coming our way. The Leo phase has blown up bubbles in stocks, real estate, bonds, education, shipping, supply chain, healthcare, education, government, banks, everything!

It is beyond insane.

It is only a matter of time before it all collapses as shown in the Pluto phases. We are on the downward curve. There will be a major correction to the excesses of human beings.

How the world works
Why the world is collapsing

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September 2016 Crash

I’m predicting a great economic  crash around 28 September right around the Pluto station at 14º Capricorn.

At  this time the Pluto point Pl-135° will be at 29 Leo.

After many previous retrogrades into Leo this is the LAST ONE. Hence all bubbles created in the Leo phase 2002-16 will burst around this time. Housing bubbles, stock bubbles, currency bubbles, etc.

2016 Heatwave: End of the Leo Phase

In 2016 we slip back into the Leo phase for the last time. Leo is probably the hottest of the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Hence we see the record-breaking heatwave:–elderly-at-risk-as-deadly-heatwave-set-to-bring-temp/

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Mark Zuckerberg Luck Timeline

Mark Zuckerberg Luck TImeline
Mark Zuckerberg Luck TImeline

So this is Mark Zuckerberg’s 100-year timeline using aspects from the transiting point Pluto minus 135° to his natal planets. And you have to say, it is spot on.

Mark Zuckerberg Luck TImeline Magnified
Mark Zuckerberg Luck TImeline Magnified

See the FAME & POWER (Mercury & Pluto) in 2015 as well as the difficult times before that showing  lawsuits and isolation in REJECTION (Venus) and LOSS (Moon). The next year would be more wise and spiritual as shown by WISDOM  (Neptune) in 2016.

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