Babe Ruth Timeline

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was born on 6 February 1895. As you can see he got his professional baseball contract when he reached the score of two in 1914. He was inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 1926.
1914 to 1940 the curve is falling from a higher to a lower number but is still above zero. That makes it the summer season of his life. Summer has three signs, Cancer, Leo & Virgo.

1914-1939 is 25 years. 25 divided by 3 is 8.33. So 1914-1922 is Cancer phase. During the Cancer phase he was able to invoke great emotion from masses of people with his performance because Cancer is the sign of emotions and group behavior. 1922-1930 is Leo phase. During the Leo phase he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Leo is the sign of awards and recognition, of being in the limelight. 1931-1939 is Virgo phase. During the Virgo phase he takes on a more subdued role where he provides guidance and support and less in the limelight, when he became coach for Brooklyn Dodgers.