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Pluto Point in the Houses


1st House
Excellent for the personality, for impressing your self on the world. For making an impression. Improvement in physical appearance.

2nd House
Excellent for making money, business ventures, employment. Buying and accumulating possessions.

3rd House
Excellent for speaking & writing. Interactions with siblings and relatives. Good for short travels.

4th House
Excellent for home life, comfort and ease of living.

5th House
Excellent for creativity, having fun and pleasurable activities.

6th House
Excellent for finding work, health & taking care of details.

7th House
Excellent for finding a partner, for making friends and for a social life.

8th House
Excellent for resolving inheritance issues, clearing debts, uncovering truths.

9th House
Excellent for long-­distance travel, learning and religion.

10th House
Excellent for recognition & authority.

11th House
Excellent for widening circle of friends, humanitarian causes, computers, technologies, innovations.

12th House
Excellent for letting go of grudges and conflicts, for resolution of long­-standing issues, for harmony and contentment.

Copycat (1995) Cancer Phase Movie

downloadWhere do I begin? The agoraphobia of Sigourney Weaver. Her taurus moon and ascendant fits in nicely with the Cancer phase themes, by the way. The Cancer Uranus and Scorpio Venus don’t hurt either.

As for the movie itself, again we have the clueless and stupid-looking police (authority, rules = capricorn, opposite sign). The people all look fresh out of a bath again, theme water, water sign Cancer. The lead police investigator is an unmistakable and likely double water sign, Holly Hunter, who trusts Sigourney Weaver’s abilities.

Need I mention the naked female bodies and constant reminders and displays of death…. the beauty of the movie plot lines so intricately woven, true cinematic experience you can find in Cancer phase movies, the subtle plot twists that keep you engrossed and the beautiful music as well…

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Empire Records (1995), Cancer Phase Movie

You can see the powerful Cancer phase themes, music & sex, throughout this movie. Also note how everyone looks like they just came out of the shower. The dissolve (water sign) completely in music type of dancing.

Also worth mentioning is that Capricorn (opposite sign) is the bad guy… everything to do with authority and money is ridiculed. Lucas repeats many times through the movie, “Don’t let the man get you!” “The man” being the colloquial phrase for authority (Capricorn). Also the Taurus sign Renee Zellweger is encouraged to dissolve into the dancing, which she does in the end. The manager Joe isn’t strict with his employees and the store looks like a family home more than a business place.

Similar themes are found throughout all Cancer phase movies (1990-2002). Not just movies, every other aspect of life. Find out how the Pluto Phases affect you.