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Invest in Silver, Silver Mining Stocks, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies

This is your last chance.

In two months Pluto will be stationing in Capricorn and everything that’s been building up so far will blow. The debt bubbles, the nuclear tensions, Brexit, cryptocurrencies, gold and silver prices, falling dollar, stock market drops and so on.

Silver and silver stocks as opposed to gold. Why? Leo is associated with gold and 2003-16 was the Leo phase. Virgo is more associated with silver and other metals to too if you want to be on the safe side. Metals like palladium and platinum. Also, it would be wise to have some cash on hand.

Why bitcoin? It’s the Virgo phase from 2017-2032, which means the Virgo-Pisces axis. Virgo words (bit, coin, currency, block, chain, mining) – Pisces words (chain, crypto, ripple). More exactly the leo phase had Taurus sectors like real estate boom in value. Taurus squares, or is right between Leo and it’s opposite sign Aquarius. The next sign is Gemini, which is related to computers, mining and cryptocurrencies.

After two months I expect the prices to become astronomically high.

2016 Heatwave: End of the Leo Phase

In 2016 we slip back into the Leo phase for the last time. Leo is probably the hottest of the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Hence we see the record-breaking heatwave:–elderly-at-risk-as-deadly-heatwave-set-to-bring-temp/

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Pluto Point in the Houses


1st House
Excellent for the personality, for impressing your self on the world. For making an impression. Improvement in physical appearance.

2nd House
Excellent for making money, business ventures, employment. Buying and accumulating possessions.

3rd House
Excellent for speaking & writing. Interactions with siblings and relatives. Good for short travels.

4th House
Excellent for home life, comfort and ease of living.

5th House
Excellent for creativity, having fun and pleasurable activities.

6th House
Excellent for finding work, health & taking care of details.

7th House
Excellent for finding a partner, for making friends and for a social life.

8th House
Excellent for resolving inheritance issues, clearing debts, uncovering truths.

9th House
Excellent for long-­distance travel, learning and religion.

10th House
Excellent for recognition & authority.

11th House
Excellent for widening circle of friends, humanitarian causes, computers, technologies, innovations.

12th House
Excellent for letting go of grudges and conflicts, for resolution of long­-standing issues, for harmony and contentment.