Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Assassination before 2021?

I guess the timeline speaks for itself. He’s had a pretty good life… so much so that it’s very likely gone to his head.

All his successes are when the timeline is above zero, and it’s been above zero since 1976.

He’s had a very easy life but the hard times are coming up. as his timeline plunges to -3, which it reaches in 2024. He has not seen a -3 in his life. He has had two +3s. He will be completely overwhelmed. The worst he’s had to face was a -2 and that was decades ago. Will he still have the skills he learnt back then? It’s pretty doubtful.

2008-10 Cancer
2010-13 Leo
2013-15 Virgo
2016-18 Libra
2018-21 Scorpio
2021-23 Sagittarius

Donald Trump Natal Chart (
Donald Trump Natal Chart (

In 2018 August he is in his Scorpio phase. Looking at his natal chart, Scorpio is squared by Mars (violence) and Pluto (terror) in Leo and opposed by Midheaven (public image) in Taurus. This forms a double-T-square, a set up for an assassination before 2021, just like Malcolm X‘s double T-square.

The closest date I can predict for the assassination is 25 October 2020, where his Mars/Pluto midpoint is squared.


Jun 27, 20080cancer phase beginssaddest time of your life
Jan 31, 20110leo phase beginsmost glamorous time of your life
Sep 4, 20130virgo phase beginscleanest time of your life
Apr 9, 20160libra phase beginsmost social time of your life
Feb 1, 2018213rd house beginsfocus on communciations
Nov 12, 20180scorpio phase beginsscariest time of your life
Aug 23, 20199trine mercuryclear communications
Sep 24, 201910square plutopower struggles
Dec 9, 2020244th house begins, trine saturngood for home life, bad for career, emphasis on hard work
Feb 10, 202126square marsgood for physical activity
Mar 14, 202127trine venusgood for love, beauty, possessions, money
May 16, 202129square ascendantbad looks, bad impression
Jun 17, 20210sagittarius phase beginshappiest time of your life
Jan 20, 20240capricorn phase beginshardest time of your life