Dangerous Places: Dorothy Stratten In West Los Angeles

Name: Dorothy Stratten
Occupation: Playboy Model
Cause of Death/Trauma: Shooting, Jealousy
Date of Birth: February 28, 1960
Time of Birth: 10:58 PM
Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia
Place of Death: West Los Angeles
Ascendant: 6 Scorpio
Relocated Ascendant: 15 Scorpio
Rn (Relocated Ascendant Minus 135°): 0 Cancer
Rn Sign: Cancer
Rn Element: Water
Rn Degree: 0

Playboy model shot dead by a jealous husband. 0 Cancer is between 29 Gemini and 1 Cancer. The Gemini high degree reveals the focus on multiple relationships, at least one of which went extremely sour. Gemini like all air signs also reveals the reason for the modelling career, with the emphasis on sexuality from the proximity to Cancer. Cancer is related to jealousy and possessiveness like all water signs.

Rn is also opposite Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius, adding to the possibility of aggression and violence.

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