Electric Chair Executions

Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, Gerald Stano, Raymond Fernandez, Martha Beck, Peter Kudzinowski, Donald Henry Gaskins, Anna Marie Hahn, Leon Frank Czolgosz, Richard Hauptmann, Frank Abbandando, Giuseppe Zangara, Harry Pierpont, William Kemmler, Emanuel Weiss, Jerry White, John Louis Evans, Ruth Brown Snyder, Louis Buchalter, James French, Harry Maione, Steven Timothy Judy, Francis Crowley, James H. Snook, Daryl Colton

All 25 electric chair executions have hard aspect to natal Sun/Saturn/Neptune/Pluto from transiting Pluto minus 135°. Sun represents life and Saturn/Neptune/Pluto are planets of karma.

James French was proven innocent when his driver stepped up after his death to confess to the murder. His aspect is to Neptune (sacrifice).

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