Empire Records (1995), Cancer Phase Movie

You can see the powerful Cancer phase themes, music & sex, throughout this movie. Also note how everyone looks like they just came out of the shower. The dissolve (water sign) completely in music type of dancing.

Also worth mentioning is that Capricorn (opposite sign) is the bad guy… everything to do with authority and money is ridiculed. Lucas repeats many times through the movie, “Don’t let the man get you!” “The man” being the colloquial phrase for authority (Capricorn). Also the Taurus sign Renee Zellweger is encouraged to dissolve into the dancing, which she does in the end. The manager Joe isn’t strict with his employees and the store looks like a family home more than a business place.

Similar themes are found throughout all Cancer phase movies (1990-2002). Not just movies, every other aspect of life. Find out how the Pluto Phases affect you.