pluto phases timeline

How Pluto Phases Work

What happens during each phase?

How do people get affected? Why do some people succeed while others fail? Why are some people preferred while others rejected, irrespective of talent, work, tardiness or ethics?


It’s quite simple, really. If you know astrology or have seen a natal chart, you know, the circular one with weird symbols (planets) at different points on the circle, you know the natal chart is like a fingerprint. It’s unique to every individual. While Uranus, Neptune and Pluto don’t move so fast from the perspective of an earthling, other planets do. The sun moves by approximately a degree a day while the moon much more than that.


The remaining planets move slower depending on how far they are from us, with Pluto being the farthest and hence the slowest and most powerful. So, all this paints a very pretty and interesting picture. At the moment you were born all the planets (and Sun and Moon – generally called planets as well) were at different points in the sky, Hence your natal chart, which shows the exact degree and minute of the sign each planet was was at. Pluto’s movement affects the planets in your chart, depending on the angles made to them.