Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi, Heavily Liked & Disliked

Indira Gandhi was born on 19 November 1917.

This timeline stays more or less at zero. This means a feeling of being stuck, unable to make changes in your life and no drastic changes. This is true because she was born into aristocracy and stayed in it all her life.

1958-62 Libra
1962-66 Scorpio
1966-70 Sagittarius

Indira Gandhi Natal Chart (
Indira Gandhi Natal Chart (

She becomes Prime Minister in 1966 at the end of her Scorpio phase and entering into Sagittarius. Scorpio is the sign of inheritances as is evident from the surname “Gandhi”, which undoubtedly benefitted her immensely. Sagittarius is the sign of good luck and fortune.

1971-75 Capricorn
1975-79 Aquarius
1979-84 Pisces

Notice her moon is in Capricorn. She launched a war against Pakistan in 1971 to liberate Bangladesh. This is the time she gets the reputation for being the “Iron Lady of India”. Next, Aquarius, being an unstable sign causes her election defeat in 1977. Aquarius also squares her midheaven (career and public image) and opposes her ascendant in Leo, causing her to be deeply disliked by people. Later on, being a Scorpio she finds kinship in her Pisces phase (water signs) where she gets reelected in 1980. Also, Pisces being an emotional sign resulted in the death of her son. She is assassinated as the Pisces phase of her life ends, in 1984, as her timeline flatlines.