John F Kennedy

JFK: Recognition, Depth & Fearlessness

John F. Kennedy was born on 29 May 1917.

-1 to 0.5 is not a lot of change. This is a life that’s not marked by huge changes. He was supported well by his parents and then by the country.

This life is mostly in the Sagittarius (publishing, philosophy) and Capricorn (hard work, recognition) personal phases.

Though you can’t see it in the timeline his score in 1883 was +2. It’s just the same as in the year 2130 as the Pluto Phases timeline just keeps repeating exactly. +2 to 0 is 2/3 of the years 1883 to 1913, or 31*0.66 = 20.46 years. Yeah, Pluto was slower back then so the Pluto phases would be longer.

1914-57 years are equally divided between Sagittarius and Capricorn. 44/2 = 22 years each

1803-1906 Libra
1907-1910 Scorpio
1910-1913 Sagittarius
1914-1935 Sagittarius
1936-1957 Capricorn

1958-70 is 13 years, divided as follows:

1958-59 Capricorn
1959-60 Aquarius
1961-62 Pisces
1962-65 Aries
1965-67 Taurus
1968-70 Gemini

His first book, Why England Slept was a critIque of the British government’s inaction in stopping the Nazis. Criticism = Capricorn. It was published in 1940, in his Capricorn phase. He was also first elected to serve in public office, in 1946, in his Capricorn phase, Capricorn being authority and public office. His very public marriage to Jacqueline was also in the Capricorn phase of his life, in 1953. He also won the Pulitzer Prize in the Capricorn phase of his life, being recognized publicly for his literary achievements, as Capricorn is the sign of public recognition.

He has Moon, Jupiter,  Mercury and Mars in Earth signs to support his Capricorn phase of his life with their respective attributes. Moon is popularity and relationships. Jupiter is philosophy and prosperity as well as luck. Mercury is communication and insight. Mars is action and initiative. It can be said he possessed all these qualities in good measure during the Capricorn phase of his life.

He was elected U.S. President in 1961, at the beginning of the Pisces phase of his life. He is supported in the Pisces phase by Saturn (restriction), Pluto (deadly force) and Midheaven (public image) in water signs. An ominous and deadly combination, won’t you say?

In the subsequent Aries phase he stood for fearlessness and courage, prime qualities of Aries, towards the end of which he is squared by his Saturn-Midheaven conjunction in late Cancer and is assassinated, on 22 November 1963.