Life Prediction for Katy Perry

Chart Data For Katy Perry
25 October 1984 at 07:58 (7:58 am) (time zone = UTC -7)
Universal Time: 14:58
Santa Barbara, California, United States
34°N25′ 119°W42′
Tropical Zodiac
Placidus Houses

chart drawing

The Pluto Phases

1949-64: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius )
1965-78: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn )
1979-89: Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius )
1990-2001: Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces )
2002-15: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius )
2016-32: Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn )
2033-54: Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius )
2055-82: Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces )

• The planets in each phase are the ones you express during that phase.
• No planets usually indicates an extremely difficult phase.
• The difficulty is lessened if there are planets in the preceding and/or succeeding phases.
• Having three or more planets in a phase is a sign of great success. Greater the number, greater the success.
• Having only one planet during a phase makes you explore the planet’s strengths and weaknesses to the fullest.
• Halfway through a phase you will start building on the planets for the next phase but their qualities will be hidden till you reach that phase.
• A phase having many planets followed by a phase with almost no planets usually indicates calamitous transition.
• Consecutive phases with one or no planets at all indicate that life will progressively become very difficult.

Planets in Signs

Sun in Scorpio  2°  22′ 35″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
Your plans and ideas find admiration and support. You find yourself at the very center of things. You are blessed with health, luck and good fortune. You always get into the limelight. You are given high positions of power and responsibility. People respect you and ask for help and support.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
All hell has broken loose. People seem to have turn their backs on you. Apparently, for no reason! You feel lost and inconsolable. Everything you trusted has fallen apart. You have to put in a great deal of effort to keep going. People aren’t supporting you anymore. You need to step into the shadows and work from there for a while.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
With a little bit of effort you seem to be going a long way. Your way of doing things is working out great for you. You get the support that no one else seems to be getting. As long as you keep up the effort things are going to work out just fine.

Ascendant in Scorpio 10°  46′ 39″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
You are easily seen and heard. Your face and/or voice is everywhere. Your appearance is the subject of much gossip and discussion. Image is everything to you now. You have a powerful and wide-reaching presence. You have created a brand out of yourself. Your home life, relationships and career may take a back seat as you focus on yourself.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
You feel like you’re invisible. You can’t be seen or heard no matter what you do. You have been pushed to the fringes of society. You live an extremely low-key life. You face chronic health issues. You’re prone to illnesses and your vitality is very low. You work quietly behind the scenes. You are full of secrets. Your life and identity are mysteries to everyone, even the people closest to you.

Moon in Scorpio 17°  57′ 27″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
Your fan base spreads far and wide. Your thoughts and ideas are heard by multitudes of people. People are influenced by them and you garner many followers. A little bit of effort goes a long way as far as popularity is concerned. You’re always in the thick of things. Luck and fortune keep coming back for you.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
A huge setback to your popularity. People can’t see or hear you anymore. You retreat to the shadows. You may try to steal the limelight, but that usually fails or comes with consequences you can’t handle on your own. Your support system and people you trusted seem to have vanished. You feel like you’re fading away. A huge strain on your health and personal life.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
People understand how you feel. They respect your thoughts and ideas, and most importantly, your feelings. You have loving and supportive relationships. You go far personally and hence professionally. You are one of the stars. You are able to make your dream and vision happen.

Mercury in Scorpio 11°  59′ 30″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
Your mind is buzzing with thoughts and ideas. People want to hear what you have to say and you can’t stop speaking. You think clearly and deeply. You shock and inspire others.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
You feel like you’re not being heard. Your thoughts and ideas are misheard or misinterpreted. You feel like you’ve lost your voice. Rumors and gossip spread about you like wildfire. Sometimes you do get heard but not unless you put a great deal of effort into it. You feel like you’ve been left out of the loop. You feel like you don’t know what’s going on.

Venus in Sagittarius  6°  32′ 57″

1979-1989 (Gemini Phase)
You may find yourself overwhelmed by unwanted love and attention. People who claim to love you may have ulterior motives. You have financial difficulties and setbacks.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
You are well liked and accepted. You find it easy to be surrounded by love and acceptance. You acquire many beautiful and useful things. You appear pleasing and well-mannered in public.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
You’re heavily disliked for some reason.Your popularity has waned. Something you said or did did not please people. You may think you’re ugly and unattractive. You may lose the things and people you love. You face money problems. You lose your popularity. You’re replaced by someone more attractive or popular. You find that many people hate you for no reason.

Mars in Capricorn 14°  24′ 54″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
You may be faced with too much work and things to do. You may feel like your life has become too much to handle. Your life may be put in danger on a daily basis. Your work may be hazardous to your health.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
You are active and moving all the time. You get a reputation for being on the move and interesting. You can rarely sit still. People can’t keep up with you. You have no difficulty finding a job.

2033-2054 (Libra Phase)
You may experience a marked slowdown in your productivity and work. Work may be hard to come by. You could face unemployment. Your work could become boring and mundane. It’s time to relax and recharge. You’re overshadowed by others, whether they deserve it or not. Your career has slowed down or may have come to a standstill. Your work could be hazardous to your health. You feel you’re not getting a break. You feel lethargic and lazy. You feel your life isn’t going in the right direction.

Jupiter in Capricorn  7°  48′ 47″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
During this time you may be depressed and feel nothing satisfies you anymore. You may overindulge in many areas of life. You may become fat and lazy. You may have accumulated too much debt. You may not have any control over your life anymore.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
Your life is the envy of others. You have prosperity in every facet of your life. Carefree and optimistic, you take on big projects and new ventures. You’re always learning and exploring, making fantastic discoveries and finding fabulous treasures.

2033-2054 (Libra Phase)
Lady Luck has forsaken you. Everything you want is out of reach and no amount of reaching will help you get it. Financial troubles abound. You find yourself being stifled in many areas of your life. You find it difficult to stay in the spotlight. You’re not able to reach your highest potential. You feel blocked and restricted in some way. You feel there’s nothing to aspire for, nothing to aim for, nothing to be optimistic about. You feel the joy of life has been drained out of you.

Saturn in Scorpio 17°  05′ 19″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
You’re able to work hard and get ahead in life. You are recognized and respected. Your career gets a serious boost. You remove the nonessential people and things in your life. You find yourself in positions of authority and receive a lot of respect from your peers.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
A lack of boundaries. Letting the wrong people in. Unable to define yourself. Unable to discern your limits. A lack of support. Collapsing from the inside. Feeling frail and fragile. Unable to stand up for yourself or make a definite impression. Unable to handle the pressure. Unable to hold on to your reputation. Unable to stick by your ethics and principles. Watching your legacy fade away. Not being taken seriously. Considered irrelevant, a has-been.

Uranus in Sagittarius 11°  25′ 06″

1979-1989 (Gemini Phase)
There may be too much technology in your life and it may be affecting your health. You don’t follow any rules or comply with restrictions and as a result get into trouble on a constant basis. There’s too much chaos and instability in your life.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
You’re able to follow your weirdest passions. A burst of freedom and an outpouring of new ideas. You are around technology and electricity a lot and able to use these to your advantage. You find yourself restless and needing new experiences.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
People don’t appreciate your uniqueness and talent. You feel forgotten. You’re treated like the average Joe. People have no clue who you are anymore and they think they know you. But they don’t. You’ve been reduced to a one-dimensional object. People are unable to see all the different sides of you, just one or two sides, and this is often deeply frustrating. You feel choked and unable to breathe. You feel like a fallen God/Goddess.

Neptune in Sagittarius 29°  13′ 00″

1979-1989 (Gemini Phase)
You may be taken for a ride and have no clue that you’re being taken for a fool. You do too much self-sacrificing. People may be able to dupe you and get away with it easily.Even if you knew what what was going on you’re likely powerless to do anything about it.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
You get deep, magical insights on a daily basis. You feel like you’re living in a dream. You experience deep insights, a sense of magic and wonder, and a true connection to the universe. Make the best of it.

2017-2032 (Virgo Phase)
There’s a lack of magic in your life. Everything is too cut and dry. You’ve lost the sense of amazement and wonder. You’re unable to inspire and motivate people to become better. Ideals seems to have lost their power. You’re unable to stick by your own sense of morals and ethics. You feel like you’ve lost your soul. You may follow and espouse major religions, fake spirituality, new-age movements, etc.

Pluto in Scorpio  2°  04′ 55″

1990-2002 (Cancer Phase)
You have power over the lives of others. You decide who or what stays and goes. People often listen to you because that is their best and often only choice. Many desperate people come to you for help and support.

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
A sense of powerlessness. A complete loss of identity. You don’t know who you are anymore. Someone has taken your very soul. You feel like a puppet in the hands of very powerful people. You have no say in what happens in your life or where it’s going. You are deeply lost and confused. You do and say what powerful people ask you to. You have no other option. A complete suppression of your self and identity to the point of invisibility.

Midheaven in Leo 16°  31′ 20″

2003-2016 (Leo Phase)
Your career gets a serious boost. You become successful and relevant. You get the right jobs and responsibilities for growth and success. You are counted on to do the job. You go all in to establish your career. Your appearance, relationships and home life may take a back seat as you focus on your career.

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