Madonna: Multiple Earth (Money) Planets

Madonna was born on 16 August 1958.

1971-72 Cancer
1972-73 Leo
1973-74 Virgo
1974-77 Libra
1977-80 Scorpio
1981-83 Sagittarius

Certainly a mixed life. Note her timeline doesn’t stay in the HARD part for too long.

Madonna Natal Chart (
Madonna Natal Chart (

She gets a dance scholarship in 1976 in the Libra (balance, beauty) phase of her life. She has a supporting trine from Midheaven in Gemini as well s Jupiter (luck and prosperity) in Libra. In the Sagittarius phase she starts her solo pop star career. Sagittarius is the sign of the most successful solo pop singers such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera.

1984-86 Capricorn
1986-89 Aquarius
1989-92 Pisces
1992-94 Aries
1995-2015 Taurus
2015-23 Gemini

Her major hit Like a Virgin was in the middle of her Capricorn phase where she has a supporting trine from her mid-Virgo moon. Moon is the planet of popularity and relationships. She also has Mercury (communications) and Pluto (tremendous force, transformation) in Virgo to support her moon. She also gets a supporting trine from Mars in mid-Taurus. Mars is the planet of action and career. The same year she also married Sean Penn (moon – marriage, relationships).

She has an exceptionally long Taurus (money) phase, lasting 21 years. During this time she becomes Forbes’ Wealthiest Female Musician, in 2008. As mentioned earlier she has Mars in mid-Taurus, supported by Mercury, Pluto and Moon in Virgo.