Malcolm X

Malcolm X Assassination: Double T-Square

Malcolm X was born on 19 May 1925.

This is mostly an easy life. The timeline rarely goes below zero.

1914-18 Capricorn
1918-22 Aquarius
1922-26 Pisces
1927-31 Aries
1931-35 Taurus
1935-39 Gemini
1940-44 Cancer
1944-48 Leo
1949-53 Virgo
1953-54 Libra
1955-56 Scorpio
1956-57 Sagittarius
1958-60 Capricorn
1960-62 Aquarius
1962-64 Pisces
1964-66 Aries
1966-68 Taurus
1968-70 Gemini

Malcolm X Natal Chart (
Malcolm X Natal Chart (

His father dies as he enters his Taurus phase, in 1931. In his natal chart he has Moon (emotions) conjunct Mercury at this point opposing Saturn (father) conjunct Midheaven.

In his Gemini (instability, disorder) phase he is expelled from school, 1938.

His 10-year prison term begins in his Leo phase, in 1946. In Leo he has Neptune (self-sacrifice) squaring Saturn (authority) and Sun (creativity, life).

He is released in his Virgo phase in 1952, where he has supporting trines from ascendant (health, image), Jupiter (luck) and Sun (life).

He published his newspaper, Muhammad Speaks, in 1960, at the end of his Capricorn phase – where he has Jupiter (publishing) trine his Taurus sun (creativity, life).

He is assassinated in his Aries phase, in 1965, where he squares Mars (violence) and Pluto (deadly force) conjunction in Cancer and his ascendant (health) in Capricorn. This forms a terribly violent double T-square.