Dangerous Places: Maria Wisnowska in Warsaw

Name: Maria Wisnowska
Occupation: Stage Actress
Cause of Death/Trauma: Shooting, Jealousy
Date of Birth: December 23, 1859
Time of Birth: 07:00 AM
Place of Birth: Warsaw, Poland
Place of Death: Warsaw, Poland
Ascendant: 15 Sagittarius
Relocated Ascendant: 15 Sagittarius
Rn (Relocated Ascendant Minus 135°): 0 Leo
Rn Sign: Leo
Rn Element: Fire
Rn Degree: 0

Leo is related to drama, acting, impulsivity and aggression. She was a stage actress and she was shot. It is only 0 Leo or between 29 Cancer and 1 Leo. Cancer being a water sign is related to jealousy and possessiveness like Scorpio and Pisces, the other two water signs.

Notice that there are no squares or oppositions to 1 Leo within 5° orb. The closeness to 29 Cancer was enough for her to be shot dead by her jealous lover, Alexander Barteniewa, a Tsarist Guards officer.

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