Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Grand Trine

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on 15 January 1929.

1949-62 Aries
1962-66 Taurus
1966-70 Gemini

Saturn (stability, responsibility) in late Aries supports his Aries phase and his marriage to Loretta Scott happens towards the end, in 1953. He also acquires a Ph.D in 1955.

Martin Luther King Jr. Natal Chart (
Martin Luther King Jr. Natal Chart (

This leads to a Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune (the biggest, most expansive, philosophical planets of the solar system) grand trine in his chart at the cusp separating Aries and Taurus and in the first couple of years, in 1963,  he makes his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The next year, in 1964, he wins a Nobel Peace Prize, as well.

In mid-Gemini he has a T-Square of Mars (violence) opposed by Saturn (authority) and squared by Moon (popularity) and Venus (likability). This leads to his assassination, in 1968, in his Gemini phase.