Dangerous Places: Merle McCra In Rochester, MA

Name: Merle McCra
Occupation: Wife, Mother
Cause of Death/Trauma: Shot in head by son
Date of Birth: June 10, 1957
Time of Birth: 02:05 AM
Place of Birth: Acushnet, Massachusetts
Place of Death: Rochester, MA
Ascendant: 15 Aries
Relocated Ascendant: 15 Aries
Rn (Relocated Ascendant Minus 135°): 0 Sagittarius
Rn Sign: Sagittarius
Rn Element: Fire
Rn Degree: 0

0 Sagittarius is between 29 Scorpio and 1 Sagittarius. Scorpio, as a water sign, is related to extreme losses and betrayals, often by family. All water signs are related to home and family. It is especially so with Scorpio, which is also related to inheritance. An extremely high water sign degree often shows a highly toxic family or home environment. In this case the son shot his mother dead along with his father and his sister at their home.

Rn is also square Pluto in Leo and Mercury in Taurus.

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