Modern History Lifescan - Basic
Modern History Lifescan – Basic

1914 – Saturn conjunct Pluto begins, World War I begins

1918 – Saturn conjunct Pluto ends, World War I ends

1925 – Uranus square Pluto begins, Hitler’s Mein Kampf released

1929 – Jupiter opposite Saturn begins, Great Depression begins

1939 – Saturn conjunct Uranus begins, World War II begins

1939 – Jupiter conjunct Saturn begins, Great Depression ends

1945 – Saturn conjunct Uranus ends, World War II ends

1947 – Uranus square Neptune begins, CIA created

1962 – Uranus square Neptune ends, first computer game Spacewar!

2003 – Uranus square Pluto begins, Iraq War begins

2009 – Jupiter opposite Saturn begins, Economic Recession begins

2019 – Jupiter conjunct Saturn begins

2022 – Uranus square Pluto ends

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*orbs used are not the traditional ones but the aspects halfway between two major aspects, i.e., squile, squine, semisextile and quincunx

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