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Feb 2010 Deaths

Pluto minus 135° is at 19° Leo in Feb 2010. Name of Celebrity who died in Jan 2010 Planet Aspected Justin Mentell square 28° Scorpio Jupiter Alexander McQueen conjunct 19° Leo Midheaven Nodar Kumaritashvili square 13° Scorpio Pluto, 29° Scorpio Mercury Giovanni Pettenella  opposite 15° Aquarius Mars Nujabes  square 19°…

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Brexit Collapse

A Stunning Email About Brexit Vote As Elites Panic And Global Collapse Edges Closer   Jim Willie Collapse Warning: BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!   How Brexit Will Change the World Keiser: Brexit fallout could result in systemic collapse bigger than 2008   Kremlin Gets Flashback of Soviet Collapse in…

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2016 Heatwave: End of the Leo Phase

In 2016 we slip back into the Leo phase for the last time. Leo is probably the hottest of the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Hence we see the record-breaking heatwave:–elderly-at-risk-as-deadly-heatwave-set-to-bring-temp/ For more on how the Pluto phases affect you visit

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