People Are Least Likely to Get Married in the Winter Season of Their Lives

You Are Least Likely to Get Married in the Winter Season of Your Life

This is a research on 50 random marriages from Astrodatabank. There’s an undeniable tendency for marriages to not happen in the winter season of people’s lives.

Season Instances
Spring 16
Summer 13
Autumn 15
Winter 6

If you wish to know how the seasons are calculated go here.

Name Gender Event Season
Arnaz, Lucie F Marriage Autumn
Hancock, Herbie M Marriage Summer
Friend, Bob M Marriage Spring
Power, Romina F Marriage Winter
Schoendienst, Red M Marriage Spring
Taglilatelo, Pat M Marriage Spring
Harper, Valerie F Marriage Summer
Alito, Samuel M Marriage Autumn
Josephine Charlotte, Princess of Belgium F Marriage Summer
Graham, Otto M Marriage Autumn
Hayden, Tom M Marriage Autumn
Lennon, Peggy F Marriage Summer
Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands (1911) M Marriage Spring
Bush, George H. W. M Marriage Summer
Wyeth, Betsy James F Marriage Autumn
Hamilton, Ashley F Marriage Autumn
Agnelli, Marella F Marriage Spring
Ludden, Allen M Marriage Autumn
Leachman, Cloris F Marriage Summer
Wilson, Dennis M Marriage Autumn
Breckinridge, Bunny M Marriage Autumn
Johnson, Lyndon B. M Marriage Autumn
Kassulke, Karl M Marriage Summer
Merrick, Margaret F Marriage Spring
Johansson, Scarlett F Marriage Winter
Cosby, Bill M Marriage Spring
Parenti, Maurizio M Marriage Winter
Parenti, Carla F Marriage Summer
Spielberg, Steven M Marriage Summer
Tyler, Aisha F Marriage Spring
Aquino, Corazon F Marriage Autumn
Corea, Chick M Marriage Spring
Harmon, Chuck M Marriage Winter
Bogart, Stephen M Marriage Spring
Fürstenberg, Princess Ira Von F Marriage Spring
Herman, Woody M Marriage Autumn
Roussel, Thierry M Marriage Autumn
Hitler, Adolf M Marriage Winter
Winkler, Henry M Marriage Spring
Alda, Alan M Marriage Spring
Riccelli, Carlos A. M Marriage Summer
Leek, Julian M Marriage Spring
Buñuel, Luis M Marriage Autumn
O’Connor, Sandra Day F Marriage Summer
Lubbers, Ruud M Marriage Spring
Richards, Michael M Marriage Winter
Lennon, Janet F Marriage Spring
Douglas-Home, Alec M Marriage Summer
García Bustos, Arturo M Marriage Summer
Stewart, James M Marriage Autumn