Life Prediction
People Are Least Likely to See Career Advancement in the Winter Season of Their Lives

People Are Least Likely to See Career Advancement in the Winter Season of Their Lives

‣ Research was done on 50 random people who experienced career advancement, using Astrodatabank
‣ It was found that the highest probability of career advancement was in the Spring season of people’s lives.
‣ The career advancements in Winter season were usually close to the end of Autumn or beginning of Spring.

Spring 18
Summer 12
Autumn 12
Winter 8
Name Gender Event Season
Bethe, Hans M Career Winter
Williams, Michelle F Career Spring
Robbins, Frederick M Career Autumn
Alvarez, Luis Walter M Career Spring
Townes, Charles Hard M Career Autumn
Sachs, Nelly F Career Spring
Holley, Robert M Career Autumn
Capecchi, Mario M Career Winter
Watson, James D. M Career Summer
Vilard, Hervé M Career Spring
Quasimodo, Salvatore M Career Winter
Böll, Heinrich M Career Winter
Nadal, Rafael M Career Summer
Chéreau, Patrice M Career Spring
Sánchez Vicario, Arantxa F Career Autumn
Crippen, Robert L. M Career Autumn
Lavelli, Dante M Career Summer
Rice, Del M Career Summer
Gibson, Bob M Career Spring
Rey, Thierry M Career Spring
Moreau, Jeanne F Career Summer
Merckx, Eddy M Career Spring
Lefèbvre, Janou F Career Spring
Saberhagen, Bret M Career Autumn
Mazzoni, Angelo M Career Summer
Randazzo, Maurizio M Career Summer
Cassady, Hopalong M Career Autumn
Mullally, Megan F Career Summer
Williams, Howie M Career Spring
Tofoli, Paolo M Career Spring
Spahn, Warren M Career Spring
Longo, Jeannie M Career Spring
Gyllenhaal, Jake M Career Spring
McMahon, Jim M Career Winter
Plante, Jacques M Career Spring
Sturm, Jerry M Career Winter
Collins, Phil M Career Spring
Timmerman, Adam M Career Summer
Cerdan, Marcel M Career Summer
Warfield, Paul M Career Winter
Robinson, Eugene M Career Autumn
Morgan, Joe M Career Spring
Groat, Dick M Career Summer
Voight, Jon M Career Autumn
Maxim, Joey M Career Summer
Cagnotto, Giorgio M Career Autumn
Rossi, Antonio M Career Autumn
Jany, Alex M Career Autumn
Hall, Gary Sr. M Career Spring
Legorreta, Ricardo M Career Winter Registered & Protected 
UYUX-HATX-NJUT-2JK0 Registered & Protected 
MUDT-OEOM-RE0B-TSGX Registered & Protected