People Are Least Likely to Make Money in the Winter Season of Their Lives

People Are Most Likely to Make Money in the Summer Season of Their Lives

‣ Research was done on 50 random people who had significant financial gain using Astrodatabank
‣ It was found that the highest probability of financial gain was in the Summer season of people’s lives.
‣ Half the probability of Summer in Spring, half that in Autumn and the least probability in Winter.
‣ The financial gains in Winter  season were usually offset by some sort of hardship.

Summer 22
Spring 12
Autumn 9
Winter 7
Name Gender Event Season
Trump, Donald Jr. M Money Summer
Warhol, Andy M Money Summer
Bergé, Pierre M Money Spring
Cowell, Simon M Money Summer
Trump, Ivanka F Money Summer
Agnelli, Umberto M Money Summer
Vanderbilt, Gloria F Money Spring
Noailles, Charles de M Money Summer
Versace, Gianni M Money Spring
Sinatra, Frank M Money Spring
Astor, John Jacob VI M Money Summer
Murdoch, Rupert M Money Summer
Azcárraga Vidaurreta, Emilio M Money Spring
Astor, William Vincent M Money Summer
Haider, Jörg M Money Summer
Astor, William Vincent M Money Summer
Research:Lucky: Lottery 44284 Money Winter
Kerry, Teresa Heinz F Money Autumn
Cameron, David (1966) M Money Spring
Michael, George M Money Summer
Onassis, Christina F Money Summer
Research:Lucky: Lottery 37457 F Money Winter
Harrah, Tony M Money Autumn
Reardon, Mary Catherine F Money Winter
Fast, Alvin Lewis M Money Summer
Coppola, Francis Ford M Money Summer
Vanderbilt, Cornelia M Money Autumn
Lewis, Michael M Money Winter
McGee, Eddie M Money Summer
Letizia, Queen of Spain M Money Spring
Trump, Ivana M Money Winter
May, Brian M Money Autumn
Frankenthaler, Helen F Money Winter
Nabokov, Vladimir M Money Autumn
Diana, Princess of Wales F Money Spring
Duke, Doris F Money Autumn
Research:Singer 6840 F Money Summer
Weir, Colin Traynor M Money Autumn
Kelly, Angela F Money Summer
Hegarty, Bruce John M Money Spring
Rodriguez, Juan M Money Summer
Cisneros, Gilbert M Money Spring
Research:Lucky: Lottery 12536 M Money Spring
Research:Lucky: Lottery 37456 Money Summer
Research:Lucky: Lottery 7039 F Money Autumn
Research:Lucky: Lottery 37291 M Money Summer
Lane, Brogan F Money Autumn
Crosby, Lindsay M Money Winter
Mitterrand, Jean-Christophe M Money Spring
McDermott, Michael M Money Summer