Pluto Minus 135°

A leading trine and a lagging orb of 15°

I came upon this realization as I realized that this is how all astrological transits work: conjunct – sextile – square – trine – opposite – trine – square – sextile – conjunct. Repeat forever. Trine (120°) is the most beneficial aspect. The first trine seemed more powerful because it’s leaving a square, not leading to it. Give it an orb of 15°, the halfway point of any sign, apply it to the most powerful planet in astrology, Pluto… and voila, the most powerful point in the sky – Pluto Minus 135°.

This point was in Leo from 2003-16. It resulted in the glorification of power, success and money. The shallowness, spinelessness and deceitfulness of people.

The self aggrandizement on the Internet. The giving up of personal values for money and success. The stepping over others for personal gain. The lies and scams on a massive scale. The massive and prevalent abuse of power. The glorification of human appearance and possessions.

The blatant widespread and unchecked practice and general acceptance of racism. The unquestioning reverence to and admiration of powerful and successful people. The list goes on. By the end of the Leo phase humungous and all-pervasive lies cannot stand of their own accord anymore, fall down and get crushed under their own weight.

Before this was a softer Cancer phase. Beautiful movies and homely sitcoms ruled our minds and hearts. Family was everything. Family activities were everything. People loved mystery, intrigue and secrets. Music and food were interchangeable.

So, to get to my point, this is what makes your life different from that of another person. If it’s the Leo phase (2003-16) and you have no Leo planets you’re in trouble. You’re in big trouble if you don’t have planets in the two allies of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, either. It’s especially difficult if you have major planets like Sun or Moon or maybe a bunch of the other planets in square (perpetually at war) with Leo, as in 90° apart from Leo, which are the signs Taurus and Scorpio. Or even an opposition, as in the sign opposite Leo, which is the sign Aquarius.

So, that’s basically it. Why one person’s life is so different from another’s. It is a particular phase (Leo in 2003-16) and you either have planets in beneficial signs or you don’t. But not to worry as it all passes eventually and the next phase will roll out. The people who rule over you now will have their luck lessened or extinguished entirely, eventually, depending on their natal planets positions. Besides, midpoints of planets (as in if you have sun in Cancer and moon in Virgo your Sun/Moon midpoint will be in the middle sign, i.e., Leo) can also be of some help even if you have no planets in Leo or its allies, Aries and Sagittarius, during the Leo phase.

For those who think Pluto is not a planet, well, no, but it’s a binary system with moons and such and in astrology the whole system makes up one point in the sky as it is viewed from the Earth and serves well enough from an astrological standpoint.