Terrell Peterson Life Prediction Timeline

Terrell Peterson: Gruesome Life & Death at Age Five

Terrell Peterson
Terrell Peterson

Terrell Peterson was born on 1 March 1992.

1989-95 Cancer
1995-96 Leo
1996-97 Virgo
1997-2001 Libra
2001-04 Scorpio
2004-07 Sagittarius

Terrell Peterson Natal Chart
Terrell Peterson Natal Chart

As you can see in his birth chart he is opposed or squared by almost all the planets in his chart in his Leo phase. This led to the worst kinds of abuses imaginable during that time. The abuses were too many to recount. It even started before he was born, while he was a growing fetus as his mother was on drugs. He was born with cocaine in his blood. After he was born the abuse only intensified with being regularly beaten and bruised, locked up and starved for food.

For the world, 1990-2002 was the Cancer Phase, marked by all kinds of abuse and manipulation, drug use and mental illnesses. These abuses intensified towards the end. Also note the next world Pluto Phase is Leo, from 2003-16. Leo is already not a great sign for Terrell as seen above. He has only one supporting planet, Uranus, in Sagittarius and four opposing planets in Aquarius as well as one nasty square from Pluto in Scorpio.

As his personal score slipped below zero and he entered his personal Libra phase in 1998 he dies of a cardiac arrest from too much abuse.

Also see the overall theme of the timeline. It doesn’t go above +1 between 1944 and 2024. That’s 80 years. During that time the only time it’s at +1 is from to 1984 to 1995, or 11 years — but the pull downwards from either sides was too great.