Four Seasons

The Four Seasons of Your Life

The Pluto Phases timeline is calculated by subtracting the number of bad aspects from the good ones that transiting Pluto minus 135° makes to your natal planets in each Pluto Phase. This creates a timeline in your life as follows:


SPRING (0 ➱ 10, ⬆︎)


Bottom (Aries Phase): Image, Identity, Personality

Independence. Creativity. Making an impression. Being a hero. Personal happiness. New projects and experiences.


Middle (Taurus Phase): Money, Possessions, Beauty

Accumulating money and possessions. Luxury and comfort. Living the beautiful life. Keeping up with the Joneses.


Top (Gemini Phase): Communication, Reading, Writing

Learning new things. Joking and teasing. Smart one-liners. Increased use of gadgets and technology. Possible craziness.


SUMMER (10 ➱ 0, ⬇︎)


Top (Cancer Phase): Home, Family, Emotions

You could experience a loss of some kind. There will be plenty of emotional support. Surrounded by creature comforts. Possibility of picking up a few vices.


Middle (Leo Phase): Fun, Love, Hobbies

Emphasis on play and toys. Independence and creativity. Relationships become undependable. Lots of adventure and new experiences. Maybe a bit too many changes.


Bottom (Virgo Phase): Work, Diet, Health

Focus on cleanliness and personal accomplishments. Improving reading and writing abilities. Improving health and diet.


AUTUMN (0 ➱ -10, ⬇︎)


Top (Libra Phase): Relationships, Partners, Contracts

Increasing friendships, wider social circle. Marriage and partnerships. New discoveries. Increased use of technology.


Middle (Scorpio Phase): Inheritance, Secrets, Sex

Possible abuse by oneself or others, sexuality, secrets. Bad social elements. Infatuation, addiction, deep studies. Occult and mystery and religious studies.


Bottom (Sagittarius Phase): Knowledge, Learning, Travels

Focus on higher studies, learning about foreign peoples and cultures. Wide and varied experiences. Long-distance travel.


WINTER (-10 ➱ 0, ⬆︎)


Bottom (Capricorn Phase): Status, Prestige, Reputation

Self-discipline and hard work. Difficult situations you cannot escape from. Testing your limits. Sharpening your tools of survival. Becoming truly strong inside.


Middle (Aquarius Phase): Ideals, Causes, Friends

Adopting humanitarian ideals and beliefs. New discoveries and inventions. Widening friends and social circle. Weirdness. Increased use of technology.


Top (Pisces Phase): Exile, Escapism, Sacrifice

Highly sensitive. Deep fears, suspicions, infatuations and inclinations. Possible abuse, by oneself or others. Addictions. Getting to the bottom of how society works. Unplugging from the Matrix. Becoming a recluse. Giving up your possessions. Self-purification.