Life Prediction
Four Seasons

The Four Seasons of Your Life

The Pluto Phases timeline is calculated by subtracting the number of bad aspects from the good ones that transiting Pluto minus 135° makes to your natal planets in each Pluto Phase. This creates a timeline in your life as follows:


SPRING (0 ➱ 10, ⬆︎)


Bottom (Aries Phase): Image, Identity, Personality

Independence. Creativity. Making an impression. Being a hero. Personal happiness. New projects and experiences.


Middle (Taurus Phase): Money, Possessions, Beauty

Accumulating money and possessions. Luxury and comfort. Living the beautiful life. Keeping up with the Joneses.


Top (Gemini Phase): Communication, Reading, Writing

Learning new things. Joking and teasing. Smart one-liners. Increased use of gadgets and technology. Possible craziness.


SUMMER (10 ➱ 0, ⬇︎)


Top (Cancer Phase): Home, Family, Emotions

You could experience a loss of some kind. There will be plenty of emotional support. Surrounded by creature comforts. Possibility of picking up a few vices.


Middle (Leo Phase): Fun, Love, Hobbies

Emphasis on play and toys. Independence and creativity. Relationships become undependable. Lots of adventure and new experiences. Maybe a bit too many changes.


Bottom (Virgo Phase): Work, Diet, Health

Focus on cleanliness and personal accomplishments. Improving reading and writing abilities. Improving health and diet.


AUTUMN (0 ➱ -10, ⬇︎)


Top (Libra Phase): Relationships, Partners, Contracts

Increasing friendships, wider social circle. Marriage and partnerships. New discoveries. Increased use of technology.


Middle (Scorpio Phase): Inheritance, Secrets, Sex

Possible abuse by oneself or others, sexuality, secrets. Bad social elements. Infatuation, addiction, deep studies. Occult and mystery and religious studies.


Bottom (Sagittarius Phase): Knowledge, Learning, Travels

Focus on higher studies, learning about foreign peoples and cultures. Wide and varied experiences. Long-distance travel.


WINTER (-10 ➱ 0, ⬆︎)


Bottom (Capricorn Phase): Status, Prestige, Reputation

Self-discipline and hard work. Difficult situations you cannot escape from. Testing your limits. Sharpening your tools of survival. Becoming truly strong inside.


Middle (Aquarius Phase): Ideals, Causes, Friends

Adopting humanitarian ideals and beliefs. New discoveries and inventions. Widening friends and social circle. Weirdness. Increased use of technology.


Top (Pisces Phase): Exile, Escapism, Sacrifice

Highly sensitive. Deep fears, suspicions, infatuations and inclinations. Possible abuse, by oneself or others. Addictions. Getting to the bottom of how society works. Unplugging from the Matrix. Becoming a recluse. Giving up your possessions. Self-purification. Registered & Protected 
UYUX-HATX-NJUT-2JK0 Registered & Protected 
MUDT-OEOM-RE0B-TSGX Registered & Protected