Understand Astrology Quickly

How astrology works:

We’ve seen the Sun and the Moon and the stars.

We know there are other planets.

This is our solar system:
Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

All these are more or less on the same plane. So when the earth spins, in one spin, or 24 hours, we see all the planets, including Sun & Moon, cross the horizon one by one.

The horizon is called the Ascendant. The highest point in the sky is called the Midheaven. That’s what you see in an astrological natal chart.

When you are born your natal chart shows the position of the planets of the solar system at the place & time you were born. Outside of the planets is the circle representing the universe divided into the 12 sun signs that we know.

In the natal chart the angle of separation of planets show their relationship.

A 0 degree angle is a conjunction. Means unity.

A 60 degree angle is a sextile. Combines the planets’ energies.

A 90 degree angle is a square. Extreme discord between the planets’ energies

A 120 degree angle is a trine. Combines the planets’ energies extremely well.

A 180 degree angle is an opposition. Discord between the planets’ energies.

On either side of any fixed point on the circle there’s a trine each, a square each, a sextile each. On the point itself is the conjunction and on the opposite side is the opposition. You could say the first trine (120) leads to an opposition (180) and is a more powerful trine. The next trine leads to a square, which is tougher than an opposition.

Besides this, the planets on your chart each have their own meanings. The way a planet looks/behaves gives an idea of what it does.

For example the Sun means life/energy/recognition/success.
The Moon means femininity/emotions/feelings. And so on.

The farthest planet Pluto is also considered the most powerful. Maximum influence is given to it, 15 degrees on either side, to encompass a whole sign (each sign is 30 degrees equally; 12 signs, 30×12=360 degrees on a circle).

As Pluto moves counter clockwise, as do all planets generally, the regions of influence covered by the aspects it makes move with it on your chart and on the universe (outer circle of your chart).

Pluto Point Theory: Consider the leading trine’s lagging edge as the most powerful point. Pluto minus 120 degrees minus 15 degrees. Or, Pluto minus 135 degrees — the Pluto Point.

The Pluto Point is moving from Leo to Virgo as we speak.

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