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Virgo Phase (2016-32) News

As I have been predicting for quite a while now the Leo phase ends in 2016 and the Virgo phase begins, which mainly means:

  • gold collapse (gold is the metal of leo)
  • oil collapse (all commodities are in a glut as virgo is an earth sign)
  • supply glut (earth sign means earth products are in plenty and prices fall)
  • commodities crash (necessities of life were over priced in the Leo phase as Leo causes bubbles to form and falls in the Virgo phase)
  • social unrest (virgo squares gemini, sign of protests)
  • cyber thefts (again, virgo squares gemini, the sign of communications)
  • shipping crisis (reduced movement of goods causes shipping losses, as virgo square sagittarius – the sign of shipping)
  • banking collapse (credit was needed to blow up the Leo bubbles)
  • earthquakes (virgo is an earth sign) and flooding (opposite sign, pisces is a water sign)
  • stock market correction as a result of all of the above