Virgo Phase (2017-32) Is Contraction

We are experiencing a major shift. The Leo phase of optimism, positivity and expansion (2003-16) is over. Use my discovery, The Pluto Phases, to understand your life and prepare for the future.

Basically, while Leo phase is expansion the Virgo phase (2017-32) is contraction. Hence optimism is replaced by pessimism. Courage by fear. Ease with difficulty. Anarchy by rules and regulations.

Oil prices will collapse as the economy contracts and all activity reduces. Gold, silver and other precious metals will gain in value as speculation in stocks will not see any returns. Only solid, time-trusted investments will prosper during this time.

Cryptocurrencies are also likely to prosper as they have the qualities of gold and silver in being limited and requiring mining.

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Sanju Paison (astrologer)