Zodiac Snakes - Lucky vs Unlucky
Zodiac Snakes – Lucky vs Unlucky

As you can see third decan leo has been spoilt by the three lucky snakes for decades.

When the first unlucky snake (advancing Uranus square) enters Leo on March 11, 2015 there will be a similar event to the dotcom crash of 1999 – when it entered Gemini. Or the housing bubble burst of 2007 when it entered Cancer. Basically, whatever are the keywords of the sign.

1979 financial crash – pisces
1986 oil price collapse – aries
1991 banking collapse – taurus
1999 dot com collapse – gemini
2007 housing collapse – cancer
2015 gold collapse – leo
2023 healthcare collapse – virgo

With the gold collapse would also be an oil glut, mining industry collapse, advertising industry collapse, entertainment industry collapse, etc.

But right before the collapse it will reach bubble proportions, hence the crash.

You can also check with your chart and see how lucky you are or will be depending on which snake is on which planet.


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