When I moved from UAE to India at age 15 it was traumatic for me. My ascendant had gone from Pisces to Aries and my midheaven from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Since the ascendant in UAE sextiled my sun and moon life was very agreeable for me there. In India though, the Aries ascendant squared my Capricorn sun and made no aspect to my Taurus moon. However I got a Capricorn midheaven that weakly trined my moon and boosted my Capricorn sun.  Though I was not as comfortable here in India my focus was on my job and career and that was easier as well.

In UAE my Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct midheaven made things career wise very difficult or out of hand. Also my moon moved to my second house in India which made earning money easier and emotionally satisfying. Planets also moved from 11th to 10th and from seventh to sixth among other things.

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  1. I have found your website by accident, a happy accident!
    I was wondering for how long the relocation has to take place to affect you? Life? more than 2 years? In addition, is it possible to find your best place in the world to relocate once you have located planets and degrees, etc? In advance, thank you for your time. V

    1. Thank you for your comments. It affects you instantly. How aware you are of it depends on how self aware you are, whether you live mostly in the external or internal world, how much you think for yourself. As for “effects” like a job or money they are instant too, internally, for example a feeling of security or love – because external circumstances have changed instantly. External manifestation and moulding is continuous and you discover a new you every day if you are open to it. I’d been in India for 19 years and it was a process of change and self discovery (’cause I didn’t grow up there) till the very last day. You can discover new levels of a new you every day and without that further external manifestations can’t happen.

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