According to Wikipedia, The Panic of 1837 was “due to a period of economic expansion from mid-1834 to mid-1836. The prices of land, cotton, and slaves rose sharply in these years”.

Crisis of 1837 - Jupiter Square Saturn
Crisis of 1837 – Jupiter Square Saturn

“On May 10, 1837, banks in New York City suspended specie payments, meaning that they would no longer redeem commercial paper in specie at full face value. ” – Wikipedia

Today’s commercial paper is shares, bonds, and the other jargon we’ve made up over the years. So it would look like a stock market crash or similar event on May 9, 2016.

Stock Market Crash - May 2016
Stock Market Crash – May 2016

Notice the three Jupiter square Saturn aspects ending in May in both cases? Following an opposition and three Jupiter trine Saturn aspects as well in both cases.

The period of expansion from “mid-1834” corresponds to the period of expansion from mid-2013 (second Jupiter trine Saturn), which ended in collapse on May 10, 1837, i.e., May 9, 2016 (third Jupiter square Saturn).

And just as then President Andrew Jackson then was ridiculed for it in 1837 so will President Obama be ridiculed in 2016.

Speculative lending practices in western states, a sharp decline in cotton prices, a collapsing land bubble, international specie flows, and restrictive lending policies in Great Britain were all to blame.” – Wikipedia

This means there would also be a housing bubble burst beforehand.

Going forward…

“The years 1837 to 1844 were, generally speaking, years of deflation in wages and prices.” – Wikipedia

Seven years from 1837-1844 correspond to 2016-2023.

We have unemployment and price deflation to look forward to.

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