Why Donald Won

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In Donald Trump’s chart we see his Gemini sun at  22° Gemini and 21° Sagittarius moon. Plus the Leo ascendant at the very end 29°.

This being the end of the Leo phase and the moon being the planet of popularity and relationships, Donald is almost certain to win.

Hillary’s moon is in Pisces which doesn’t help. She has three planets in a fire signs and all of them in Leo, which is why it was such a close race. But the Moon is THE planet of mass influence and only the Donald had moon in a fire sign.


Looking forward, neither of them has any planets in an Earth sign. The Donald has midheaven in late taurus while Hillary has it in early Virgo. I would expect the Gemini Donald to not last very long. In fact it is almost a guarantee the spoilt millionaire playboy would find it most boring in the legislative offices. Following which, Hillary could play some part as her early Virgo midheaven signifies.